Sep 19, 2001
Julie lent me the new Superchunk album "Here's To Shutting Up" and I've been listening to it nonstop since. I have never been so excited about getting a CD. It's a good one. The notes are burning their way into my brain.

I got accepted to be a reviewer for The Weblog Review. I get to toss my opinion around like a big sack of potatoes.

I'm learning serverside Java and Perl modules to gear up for a job prospect. That has been keeping me very active lately. Well, as "active" as anyone can be whilst sitting on their boney white backside.

I'm massaging Natasha in lieu of Modest Mouse tonight. She did some cool new things to her website lately. Check it out.

I'm thinking about adding discussion forums to this site. That way all the whiney hypersensitive fucks will have a public outlet besides my guestbook. What do ya think? I realy miss the community-style feedback and input that BBS's had back in the day. Hrmph.

I'm gonna make an attempt to resocialize myself back into the warm inviting folds of society this weekend. Drinky winky dancey wancey, here I come. Oh damn I need to get to HEB to get these pictures developed. I'll finish this later....

Back! The pictures came out great. I was so excited by my acquisition of an Autofocus Pentax F1.4 50mm lens that I got a little crazy with the cheez whiz and opened the sucker up a bit far - resulting in a very short depth of field .. and .. blurryness. Doh! Does it disturb anybody else that "Cheez Whiz" has it's own little place on the internet? Like there are teeming hordes of black-and-white 50's style housewives who taste said product and are so taken by it's deliciousness that they rush to the internet to discover how they can incorporate it into more of their "meals". Yeah.

God, this entry sure took a cheezy turn. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

I'm gonna so something radical to the look of this site. I'm gonna have what you see here be like the "second level" of the site. The "first level", or "ground zero" if you prefer, will be a weblog-style page with a little link on the bottom to the second level. Fun stuff. That way I can do radical style and layout changes to the front page (and look more like a traditional weblog) while maintaining all of the site's squishy green functionality and personality (aka "flava").

Natasha turned me on (what's new?) to Nesticle the other day. I downloaded a bunch of NES roms and played M.U.L.E. for the first time in years. Gyrus is still as queer as it ever was. :)

At HEB (a texas supermarket) I read a publication put out by the Better Business Bureau. It said that pirating software is unethical. Do any of you have access to Master Of Orion 2? I seem to have lost my copy.

Fuji Superia Reala ISO100 is REALLY goddam smoove print film. I am supremely impressed. If anybody knows how to get color slides and black-and-white negatives enlarged to around 12"x16" in a way that's suitable for framing (and not fading) cheaply, let me know. Like if any of you happen to be photography students (and have access to a darkroom) I'd be much obliged, and would make it worth your while. Bigger (like poster-size) would be awesome too.

I just transcribed the new Superchunk album. Here are the lyrics to Superchunk's "Here's To Shutting Up".