Like a Waterslide

Mar 02, 2002
Howdy folks. How're y'all doing tonight? I'm great, thanks.

Ben organized a little get together at Club Deville the other night. The theme was, "Taking Online Interactivity Offline". Basically, a whole bunch of people from The Austin Index got together to drink a few fancy liquer drinks and do what they do best: yap. We yapped and yapped. It was great finally meeting the folks whose journals I've read for so long.

I lost my virginity to a girl that I met at a computer-type get-together when I was 17. I guess that makes it 1996. Wow, it's only been 6 years that I've been terrorizing women and sheep alike? It seems like more. Anyhow, this get-together at Club Deville was reminiscent of that. The "BBS meet", not like losing my virginity.

If only.

I talked to a rare virgin friend of mine the other day about what it's like having sex for the first time. I told him it's like riding a waterslide. You walk up all those steps to get to the mouth of the slide. It can be kindof scary. Then in a moment of determination you decide to "go for it!" "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee". Tons of fun for a very brief time, and it's over before it's practically began. You can't stop grinning, and all you can think of is doing it again and again.

And so you do. :-)