Mar 03, 2002
Ahh yeah. I just started ganking around with the colors when I stumbled upon this one. It's cozy I think. Like a nice pair of slippers. Of course it assaults my heterosexual sensibilities, but what the heck? It's different and distinctive. Just like me.

My life has begun to settle into something resembling a healthy rhythm. I've got my friends at work, I've got my downtown posse, and of course I've got my online cronies. I miss my parents tons. My father is in the hospital with fluid in his lungs. He's got heart disease. It runs in the family. I feel so helpless being so far away. I want to be there now, and I just can't be. I'll visit NY again in around a month, I think.

Being single again is kindof surreal. Thankfully, Natasha isn't a mean crazy ho. I'm also lucky that I've got a lot of stuff in my life going on right now to keep me occupied. Idle hands are the insane's playground or something. Wouldn't that be a good name for a club, "The Insane's Playground"? I think so too.

Let me know what you think of the new design. I care.


I am a fabulous photographer.

Word up.